Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fun Timey

Hey guys. Having just been on the phone with Amber and Raylene and talking about blogging... among other things... I have decided to start again slightly. Um I don't really know what to tell you other than that life is going by too fast for me right now haha so if any of you know how to get it to slow down a bit, you should hook me up. But second semester has been really great so far. Challenging, engaging, ridiculous at times, but just what I've been needing.

So the past week and a bit I've been sick... Like I don't know if my body has every produced this much snot in my whole entire life. Hahaha seriously if my snot were fresh water, I could provide all of Africa with fresh water for a year.

And like. As if it wasn't bad enough having no-makeup week a while ago, but now that I can wear makeup my nose is so raw (I went through a roll of sandpaperlike toilet paper in a matter of 2-3 days) that I can't even put makeup on it hahaha so that's real pretty I can assure you.

Anyway, I've just been dragging this on cuz I wanted to add my next picture.

I got a new roommate haha. So here's Kylie:

This is at the last volleyball game and she won a blender. I like her because she provides me with appliances (she brought a mini-fridge too).

Ashley's single, guys. You should come next year ;)

This is Ellen from England. I had a woman-crush on her all last semester but was too shy to talk to her but I find out that her and Kylie are like best friends from going to Capernwray together last year so I've been getting to know her better. (Sigh) she's my new favourite friend.

So you can't really see it that well but here's the thing. I've been trying for at least 4 years to tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth. And failing. But this glorious night! A girl came by and offered us free chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries on top (another reason to come next year wink wink). I tentatively tried again, not getting my hopes up so that I wouldn't have to face the disappointment and dejection afterward. But I did it! It took a few hours, I admit, but I conquered that stem. I've heard that you're supposed to do it without the cherry attached to it but I was told rather confidently that this is the real way to do it-what do you think though? Is it valid?

So ya. One other fun story to tell and then it's cuddling time for me and this bed. Our dorm had a little fire alarm go off at 1am one night-the night I decide to take sleepy-drugs and go to bed early. Haha ya so we had to go out in the -30ish cold night and we find out that someone (who used to live in Kamloops on my street by the way) had hung a dress on one of the sprinkers... and pulled it down... and so it was raining in her room rather heavily and it completely destroyed a couple rooms and damaged many more-lots and lots of water everywhere haha yaaa. All the while I was flying high and loving it. But it's finally all dried out and cleaned up.

Alright! Happy weekend guys! Miss you like mad!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The New Holy Trinity

The new Holy Trinity. The soveriegn self expresses itself in Holy Needs, Holy Wants, and Holy Feelings. The time and intelligence that our ancestors spent on understanding the soveriegnty revealed in Father, Son and Holy Spirit are directed by our contemporaries in affirming and validating the sovereignty of our needs, wants, and feelings.
My needs are non-negotiable. My so-called rights, defined individually, are fundamental to my identity. My need for fulfillment, for expression, for affirmation, for sexual satisfaction, for respect, my need to get my own way - all these provide a foundation to the centrality of me and fortify my self against diminution.
My wants are evidence of my expanding sense of kingdom. I train myself to think big because I am big, important, significant. I am larger than life and so require more and more goods and services, more things and more power. Consumption and acquisition are the new fruits of the spirit.
My feelings are the truth of who I am. Any thing or person who can provide me with ecstacy, with excitement, with joy, with stimulus, with spiritual connection validates my sovereignty. This, of course, involves employing quite a large cast of therapists, travel agents, gadgets and machines, recreations and entertainments to cast out the devils of boredom or loss of discontent - all the feelings that undermine or challenge my self-soveriegnty.

Eugene Peterson, Eat This Book, Eerdmans 2006, 32.

Interesting hey.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some Kind of Life Metaphor

Hey guys, ok so for community chapel yesterday (every Wed, we get together with our dorm and our sister dorm for chapel instead of with everyone) we had a lady speak to us and I just wanted to share with you something that she said to us.

She was talking about this one time she was at one of her really good friends' bachelorette party. She was sleeping in a couch with a girl she didn't really know well but she just felt compelled to ask her if she thinks this marriage seems right. Her answer was no. They both recognized that their friend was rushing into things and really only wanted to get married for the sake of being married... Well the story didn't end well-they got married anyway, the guy ended up having various affairs but they never split up and they're possibly fairly miserable.

Anyway, she said that someone once shared with her a vision-that we're in this huge place with a bunch of rooms. And each room has piles of different gifts all wrapped up and lying around all over the place. And we're all in one of these rooms right now, possibly a lot of us in the "Single" room, and we don't know when we leave and go into our next room or what even the next room looks like. But we have a choice, we can sit here and wish and plead with God, whining and complaining, "ohhh I want to be in thaaat room!! ohhh I want to be in the "Marriage" rooom! ohhh I just want someone to take caaare of me and love me" etc etc. Maybe eventually just getting up and going to the next room like the girl up there ^. Missing out completely on all the wonderful gifts in our current room that will benefit us in the rooms to come. OR!! We can party in the room we're in and open all the gifts that are set out for us, really enjoying them! Things like an increased reliance on God or ooh an opportunity to serve in a missions trip far far away! And then be that much more surprised and joyful and thankful when God calls us to our next room!

I'm a really visual person I think so I find this really helps me. And like I think it works on many levels other than the singleage vs. marriage concept but those were the examples she gave. Anyway, it was a good reminder for me to stop longing for home so much and worrying about what I'm going to do in the summer/fall/the rest of my life etc. I have a tendency to indulge in the futile thought of "Life will be good once _____ is over with/happens" (assignments/exams for now possibly??) It was awesome of God to bless me with a little reminder of what I'm supposed to be all about this year, a support for the path I'm on, and a further encouragement to keep opening these gifts in the place I'm at right now :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Here Goes.

Heeeeey. So it's Thursday night... practically the weekend really! I want to say I'm going to be diligent with my studies but I'm too distracted by my swing music and Kirstie and the internet and my burnt out brain. I'm also expecting a call from ma famille ce soir so I'm really excited about that. I found a Toby hair on my jacket today in choir and I missed him terribly. Speaking of music though. Here's The Life of Chantal - A Musical. It's one of those 3 hour long ones that boys don't like to watch hahaha Amber.

Sleepy. (This is the Theme Song)
I Need Some Sleep. Eels.

Deliriously Happy.
C r a Z y. Gnarls Barkley.
Hysteria. Muse.
Cells. The Servant.
As the Rush Comes. Motorcycle.
Island in the Sun. Weezer.
Amazing. Andy Hunter.
Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Belle and Sabastien.
The Green Room. DJ River.
Singin' in the Rain. Gene Kelly.
Feeling Good. Michael Buble.
Anything Michael Buble really.
Moulin Rouge Soundtrack.
My Cuban Music.
My French Music.
My Opera/Italian Music.
Savage Garden!
Relient K!
Greg Sczebel.
Anything from Aqua.
Anything swing!
Seriously the list goes on for miles. I'm sorry about that.

...Oh man I forgot I was still doing this, it's been like 4 hours, ok resuming...

New Medicines. Dead Poetic.
Pitiful. Blindside.
Anything Right. POD.

When I Go Down. Relient K.
Heartstrings Come U n d o n e. Demon Hunter.
My Immortal. Evanescence.
Hurt. Johnny Cash.
Simon. Lifehouse.
Tisbury Lane. Mae.
Every New Day! Five Iron Frenzy.
Someday We'll Know. New Radicals.
Frail. Jars of Clay.
The Way I Feel. 12 Stones.
Closer to You. Wallflowers.

(This is where it sometimes is right now)
Never Alone. Barlow Girl.
Symphony of Blase. Anberlin.
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. Andrew Lloyd Webber/Phantom.
Everything Sucks When You're Gone. MXPX. (The video makes me laugh quite a lot)
We're So Far Away. Mae.
All Those Silly Love Songs.
Home. Michael Buble.

I could go on but I'm bored, I can't even imagine how bored you must be. Phone call home was nice but just makes me miss home more maybe. Oh well though, only a little over a month :) Let's tag Amber though with this assignment, it's a lot harder than you think. Well probably only if you're a girl and have a million conflicting emotions and such. Alright! Enough procrastinating life.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Somewhat of a Better Day. Finally!

Hey guys. First of all I just have to tell you of my accomplishment today. I managed to not go on the internet all day. Until now, of course, but my little pact with myself was to not go on the internet until my stinkin huge essay was done-well it's not but it's beyond my control right now so I'm rewarding myself a little. But I have 655 words-so almost halfway done... and tomorrow's gonna be the same with the sans internet and essay writing goodness. I also sang for an hour straight. Getting ready for my huge recital oh man je suis nervouse. But I had such a fairly great day really! Such a wonderful change from the past week. Went out for breakfast/tea with my PG friend Sarah and we ended up talking/praying for 3 hours!! It's just so amazing how much sharing your heart and soul with a wise and godly friend completely shifts your focus, eases the weight of your burdens, and lifts your spirit all the way up :) Comes hightly recommended.

Well with that said... I can't even get to my song list now cuz I was just told I've been on here way longer than 20 minutes and that I need to now do some more essay to redeem myself. Bad me :( Roommates are so good for keeping you in line sometimes. Well anyway. I'll work on The Life of Chantal - A Musical. Get back to you at Christmas cuz the next month and a bit are stupid-busy. Ok bye.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Possibly on the Scattered Side of Things

Well I know that when I woke up this morning (after being asleep for an hour and a half maybe) that I really wanted to know what kind of mad scientist I would most likely be.

Thank goodness the internet can tell me.

gURL.comI took the "if you were a mad scientist..." quiz on
I am...
Dr. Terra

A mad scientist with a sunburn? That might be you if our hunch is correct that you spend as much time outside as you do in your lab. Read more...

What mad scientist are you?

Sounds like fun. Just so you know though, no matter how much I tamper with html, I can't figure out why there's a huge space above that thing. So I'm just gonna embrace it even though il est tres laid. Anyway, so the deal is that I can't put pictures on here-the connection keeps pooping out. And I can't explain my life without them... so I don't know what to tell you. Other than that I wish you were all on xanga instead of here and um I had a good birthday and a nice time at home. Ya that's right, good and nice. The most boring words in our entire lexicon. I only did that to let you know that I'm slightly cranky--seriously only slightly though because I keep getting too tired and distracted to remember that I care--right now but if you want though, Heather, you can choose some words to go in there. Here, here's a game.

1. What would I describe my birthday to have been?

a) Insanely stressful, as I was writing papers, not getting them done (on time at least), not eating, and not sleeping almost at all
b) Extremely dreamy, as I was showered with surprising gifts, sometimes wrapped in toilet paper, sometimes wrapped in Little Mermaid socks or Sailormoon bags, sometimes wrapped in flower-wrapping-paper or bubble-wrap envelopes and delivered from distant lands.
c) Amazingly special, as well... family and friends made me feel really special by saying and doing nice things to me (I'm way blessed).
d) All of the above

2. Home?

a) Bittersweet, basically all of the above, and even more.
b) I don't want to play this game anymore.

Ok so I miss home. I've been away for what, less than a week? And I'm already done. God is good though. Teaching me tough little lessons that hopefully I'll be able to remember for the next times in life.

Whoa ok but let me just get this out before I forget. I was thinking possibly late one night-don't recommend it usually. But here's what you should do. Member my walls in those pictures up there? How they're fairly barren? I have a request. Well I hate asking this actually but can you do it? Can you guys all take pictures at Young Adults and Amber, at Columbia, and send them to me so I can get them developed and put them up so I can see all your beautiful faces and feel not like I'm missing so much?

And if you want something to laugh at, here are my friends.

Well this is already way too long and boring for an entry with no pictures. Sorry bout that. Post you later!

Friday, September 29, 2006

I Should Be Homeworking

Well. It's been almost officially a month here. Um I miss you. I keep hearing about the really cool things you guys have been changing to make Young Adults super-I'm really excited for it and I'm praying for your ministries. I can't wait to come and visit :)

I don't think I have all that much to say really. I can introduce to you my roommates kinda. I'll get better pictures as we're having a photo shoot soon once the skies are sunny and we don't have a million tons of homework (never). But here's Ashley.

She's a beauty queen I know. I'll get a better picture soon. One of the funniest people ever too.

This is Chelsea.

Hilarious girl really. The best facial expressions ever. Chelsea and Ashley are both from the states. Ashley from Cali and Chelsea from Nebraska. They are very proud. And they say rum instead of room. And ben instead of been.

So this is my actual roommate on the way to dinner. Those ones up there are just connected to our room but actual roommate's name's Kirstie (KEEHR-stee) and she likes cowboys and Nickleback. Ew. But no, despite that, she's pretty cool. She's gonna be my accompanist for all my vocal recitals and stuff. And we're in choir together. And she plays acoustic guitar. And when she laughs, there's like this big explosion and then you wonder if it even happened because her face goes instantaneously back to emotionlessness-it's absolutely amazing, I don't know how she does it. She keeps her side of the room INSANELY clean... every single moment of the day... which is in deep contrast to my side...

Wonder which one could be mine?!

In other news. I'm sick. And it sucks cuz I'm getting no work done cuz I'm tired and icky feeling and I can't practice singing for my voice lessons cuz I have like missing notes in my range because of the sick and ugh. It's actually kinda entertaining, next time I'm sick there I'll show you cuz like I do scales and it just mutes for a note and then hits the next one super hard. Pre-pubescent boy style. Ok it's prolly not as funny as I make it out to be. But I laugh.

Oh I'll show you some more pictures ok. This is when Toby didn't want me to leave him. "No Chantal, you just can't even go. Chantal please! No! At least take me with you! Lookit how good I can fit with your clothes!" That's what he's saying. Poor little buddy, I miss him. If you ever feel inclined to, go to my house and give him a walk for me. I guess I had a bit to say afterall.

Well the ladies are coming to pick me up for dinner. Love you all-see you soon enough :)